At the end of your tenancy

Notice to end your tenancy

When you decide to end your tenancy, you will need to provide your Property Manager with written notice in accordance with the terms of your agreement. The address for service of such is: 
7 Air Street London W1B 5AD


At the end of your tenancy, we will arrange a convenient time to check you out of your property. At that time a full check of the inventory will be carried out to ensure that all the items listed are present and located in the same place as at the commencement of tenancy. You will be expected to organize a professional end of tenancy clean, which should include laundering of all towels/linen provided to you at the start of your tenancy and professionally cleaning all carpets and soft furnishings. Damage and dilapidations are assessed as follows:
  • Decorations – Unless otherwise stated on the schedule, all our properties are let in good decorative order and any damage to decorations will be charges for at the end of the tenancy. Marks, chips or scratches to decoration, discoloration due to smoking damage caused by the use of Blu-Tac or other adhesive materials and scribbling on walls by children are not considered to be fair wear and tear. Where it is possible to make good any damage to decorations by painting in the damaged area, then you will be charged for the total cost for such repairs. Where it is not possible to paint the area damaged due to the age of the decorations, a proportion of the total cost of the work will be charge to you. 
  • Damage to wooden flooring – Burns, scorch marks and deep scratches are not considered fair wear and tear. The total cost of repairing such areas will be charged to you. 
  • Upholstered furniture carpets and curtains – Burns and scorches to the fabric are not regarded as fair wear and tear and the cost of repair or replacement will be charged to you. Normally the cost of damages will be deducted from your deposit however in the event that they are in excess of the deposit, you will be expected to make up any difference.


Please refer to your tenancy agreement for a description as to how your deposit is held and processed at the end of your tenancy. The deposit cannot be used to pay the last month’s rent or any part of it.


You must hand back all keys and entrance fobs you hold for the property at the check out. Failure to return all keys and fobs will necessitate the changing of locks at the property and/or a charge for replacement fobs.

Mail Forwarding

Royal Mail offers a redirection service that can be arranged by visiting and we recommend strongly you put this in place before you leave the property. We cannot be held responsible for the forwarding of any post.