When you move in

Your Team

During your move in, you will have met your Property Manager and Residence Manager at the check in appointment. Should you have any further questions about your new home, the various appliances, and features, you can book an appointment with your Residence Manager. They are also able to assist you in getting set up on the 12 Sherwood Residents app, which connects you to offers and services available to you.

Tenancy Agreement

Prior to moving in you will have signed a tenancy agreement setting out the terms of your tenancy. You will receive a copy of the executed tenancy agreement signed by the landlord on or soon after the commencement of your tenancy. It is extremely important that you read the agreement carefully as its clauses are legally binding and enforceable. Particular attention should be made with regard to clauses referring to options to renew (if applicable) and notice periods for the termination of your tenancy. Your agreement should be read in conjunction with this book but in the event of any discrepancy, the terms of the tenancy agreement will always take precedence.


An inventory detailing the furniture, fixtures and fittings within the property and their condition on the day you moved in will be emailed to you shortly after your tenancy starts. This is prepared by an independent inventory clerk who you may have met on the day your tenancy commenced. It is important you check the inventory thoroughly and if you believe there are any discrepancies in the report, detail these to your Residence Manager and Property Manager within 7 days. 
If you do not request any amendments to the inventory, it will be assumed you accept the schedule of condition as a true statement of fact. These will then be used to determine any deductions against your deposit at the end of your tenancy. 
Please retain your copy of the inventory in a safe place as you will need it at the end of your tenancy in order to make sure all items are in place, room by room, as listed in the inventory.

Rental Payments

Your rent is payable in advance and your tenancy agreement will detail the frequency and method of payment. Rent is payable by standing order unless an alternative method of payment is agreed with the landlord advance of the tenancy commencing. You should have been provided with the bank details for ongoing rental payments but if you have not been, your Residence Manager will be able to provide them to you. 
It is extremely important that you make timely rental payments in accordance with your tenancy agreement, as failure to make payment will lead to your landlord taking legal action to end the tenancy.

Service to set up

When you move into the apartment you will need to register for the following services: 
  • TV License – please visit tvlicensing.co.uk or telephone 0844 414 2331 (please note that even if you stream on your computer, you require a TV license). 
  • Council Tax – All residents are responsible for paying for (or presenting the council with an exemption for) Council Tax applicable to the flat. Please contact Westminster Council to discuss this at: www.westminster.gov.uk or 0345 608 5401
  • Contents Insurance – Your landlord insures the building, flat and contents belonging to them within the flat. However, you are responsible for insuring your own personal possessions under a comprehensive contents insurance policy which you may claim on in the event your possessions become damaged while you are living at the flat. 
  • Water & Electric – You will need to contact Thames Water and your preferred electrical provider to set up utility payments. 
  • Heating and Cooling – As this comes from a communal system, please be aware heating and cooling are charged by JLL separately, on a monthly basis. 
  • WIFI - Please be aware if you have opted for WIFI this will be automatically charged to your account.