The Crown Estate welcomes you to your new home at 12 Sherwood Street. 
12 Sherwood Street is a high-end development in the heart of the West End which boasts world famous shops, lively bars and a mix of fine and casual dining. 
The building consists of 48 apartments set over 5 floors and around a beautiful, naturally lit atrium. 
Each apartment has been designed to deliver elegance, convenience, and attention to detail for its residents. The interiors are a carefully considered balance of form and function, with a contemporary aesthetic and high-quality finishes and fittings. Each apartment is fully furnished by interior designers. 
Our dedicated on-site concierge and property management team have a personal approach, providing ongoing support throughout your occupancy. 
The Crown Estate manages a diverse portfolio, across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, to create lasting and shared prosperity for the nation. 
We have an extensive residential portfolio that includes St James’s, Regent Street, Regent’s Park and Kensington Palace Gardens and are proud to present some of the finest homes in London. 
We have a clear vision for the future and are committed to ensuring they will always be distinctive places to live, work and visit. 
We do this by finding new ways to balance commercialism with careful stewardship and integrity and incorporating the contemporary into places that are steeped in centuries of history. We always look to the future but at the same time respect our past. 
Our ambition is to deliver elegant design, personalised service, and attention to detail at every one of our properties, for every one of our residents.