During your tenancy

Reporting Maintenance

Any maintenance issues should be reported to our dedicated helpdesk service. This service is the quickest and most effective way to receive urgent action and attention. Our dedicated helpdesk service is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Whether your issue occurs within working hours or out of hours - the helpdesk is your first point of contact. 
Please see below the contact details: 
Telephone number: 01480 484 932 Email: TCElondon@elogbooks.co.uk 
It is worth noting that, whilst the helpdesk responds swiftly to emails, phone calls are answered within seconds. 
We advise you not to leave reporting matters until the afternoon as, if you do, it may not be possible to undertake a timely repair. 
Once you have reported your issue to the helpdesk team, they will: 
  • Log your issue and assign a priority ranking (based on severity, urgency, scale and speciality) 
  • Contact the most appropriate service partner and make arrangements for them to attend 
  • Notify your Property Manager of your report and keep them up to date throughout the process 
  • Ask you if you would like to receive updates (we suggest you agree to this so you can be fully aware of the repair process and timeline) 
  • Provide you with a job number so you can easily contact them for updates or provide your own updates/ additional information direct to them.

Safety Inspection

In accordance with current health and safety legislation and guidance we are required to carry out periodic inspections of the electrical installations and portable appliances within the property. Landlords must ensure their properties are safe, well maintained and suitable for purpose at all times but without such inspections, a duty of care cannot be demonstrated. As such, we may be in touch with you during your tenancy to advise of an upcoming safety check and your cooperation in this regard is appreciated. In some instances, JLL may need to turn the power off to your building for essential maintenance. Please rest assured there will be prior notice to this and suitable arrangements made.


JLL subscribes to the Avetta Scheme and only contractors on the approved list will be instructed to carry out work in your flat. Approved contractors have provided documentary evidence to Avetta that they have a minimum insurance cover of £5m and have also supplied adequate and suitable safe working method statements.

Receiving Deliveries

You are welcome to have parcels delivered to you at 12 Sherwood Street, however in the interests of security, we ask that you come down to reception to meet all delivery drivers and take your delivery directly back up to your apartment. Very large, very heavy or perishable deliveries (i.e. food shopping, flowers etc.) will not be accepted in your absence and will be turned away.

Receiving Guests

You are welcome to have guests at 12 Sherwood Street. Please ensure you come down to reception to meet them and sign them in and out with your Residence Manager.

Rubbish & Recycling

Your kitchen bins have separate sections which can be used to assist with segregating household waste from recycling. Please place non-recycling in black bin bags and recycling in Westminster Council recycling bags which can be obtained from the bin store. Full black bags should be placed in the black bins in the store, recycling placed in the green. As the common areas are largely carpeted, please ensure you bring down your bags still inside the plastic kitchen bin, to prevent moisture leaking on to the carpet and causing stains and smells. It is very important that you recycle as much as possible so please do familiarize yourself with waste instructions on packaging and make sure you rinse out any packets or bottles intended for recycling. 
For information regarding rubbish collection, please visit the Westminster Council website: www.westminster.gov.uk/collections

Door & Window Security

Every window and external door (including to balconies) is lockable, and you have been provided with keys for the locks. Unless windows or doors are currently in use, for your own security we strongly recommend that you keep them locked. Please take good care of window/ door keys as you will be charged for their replacement if they are misplaced during your tenancy. 
All main doors in the common parts, including flat doors, are fire doors – this means that when closed they provide a certain level of protection from the spread of a fire should one break out. As such, under no circumstances should any doors be propped open, and when you walk through you should ensure the door is fully closed behind you. 
Given the central, busy location of the building, security at the external entrances of the building are of paramount importance. Please do not allow anybody to follow you into the building for any reason, even if they claim to be an occupant.
Apartment entrance doors are particularly important, because, in residential buildings, most fires occur within the apartments themselves. The apartment entrance door prevents the spread of fire and smoke into the common parts, thereby placing other residents at risk. To ensure your apartment front door is maintained in good working order, an annual inspection is undertaken. The common area doors are inspected quarterly. Please remember the following in respect to fire doors: 
  • Fire doors should be kept shut when not in use; 
  • Residents or their guests should not tamper with the doors or the self-closing devices. 
  • Residents should not affix anything to the door or create any apertures in the fire door, such as letters.

Fire Alarm Tests

Fire alarm tests for the building will happen on a weekly basis. The test for 12 Sherwood is scheduled every Wednesday at 11am.