Sustainability Initiatives

The Crown Estate & JLL community

You will be able to separate mixed recycling and general waste in the property via the Westminster waste recycling scheme. Please use your postcode to search the below link to find out your collection times. www.westminster. 
1. Separate out your mixed recycling (plastic, cardboard, tins and paper) from your general waste (non-recyclables). 2. If you are having a clear-out (clothing, homeware, books etc.) try to make sure the items are re-used where possible. You can do this by donating items to your local charity shop or clothing donation point such as Traid in Anthropologie, Regent Street. 3. Nespresso pods - If you use Nespresso pods, they can be recycled for free either by dropping them off to a Nespresso store (54 Regent Street) or taken to your local CollectPlus location (Tesco Metro, Regent Street) - find out more on the Nespresso website. 4. Replace single-use items with a re-usable alternative, examples of items that can be swapped include drink cups / bottles, bags, straws and takeaway cutlery. 5. Think about going paperless, although paper is recyclable, it degrades in quality each time it is recycled and consequently it is only able to be re-processed about 7 times. Paper is also very easily contaminated by food in a mixed recycling bin, so may be unrecyclable if it is poor quality.
Throughout the year we host an interactive programme of events, seminars and workshops. Our aim is to promote and encourage discussion with our customers on the many different aspects of sustainability which are connected with our work operations and our lifestyle decisions. 
Topics include ways to improve energy efficiency, the importance of biodiversity and ecology, elimination of single use plastic, buying local and seasonal ingredients, use of environment friendly cleaning materials, renewable energy, clothes swap events and much more. Residents can receive regular updates and invitations to the sustainability programme by visiting here or emailing TCE.
Residents can join the Recycling Network, a group that meets throughout the year to discuss best practice and steps to increase recycling. Take part in the monthly recycling competitions for a chance to win great prizes such as vouchers to spend on Regent Street.
Grow your own fruit and vegetables on one of our rooftop allotments under the guidance of our resident expert gardener.
Throughout the summer months we offer customers the opportunity to visit one of JLL’s rooftop bee hives with our resident beekeeper. In the autumn we provide our customers with the opportunity to take part in our honey harvest.
We offer customers the opportunity to join us in our work with local charities. We are currently partnered with The Connection at St. Martin’s, a local homelessness charity, and assist with the lunchtime meal service every Thursday. There are opportunities for small teams of volunteers to assist at a Food Distribution charity located at Deptford. 
We also organise in the summer environmental beach cleans on the South Bank to clean up and safely bag micro- plastics contaminating the Thames.
We host a series of events at key points in the year to organise donations for local charities - this covers everything from small Christmas gifts, to food parcels and financial contributions to assist with specific requests. These activities are promoted via our newsletter and online.