Your Responsibilities

Your Responsibilities

Your responsibilities as a tenant are set out in the tenancy agreement.  In particular, we emphasise:

All smoking is strictly prohibited within the internal areas of the building. 
Each apartment is fitted with a sprinkler system which will be activated in the event of you smoking, with the cost to rectify any damage being claimed back from you. Discoloration of decoration due to smoke from cigarettes or candles is not considered fair wear and tear and staining/discoloration caused by either will require repainting of the damaged decoration and, in the worst case, replacement of rugs, curtains and blinds upon tenancy termination. 

Do not put Blu-Tac or similar substances on walls or doors. 
This is an oil-based product, and you will be liable for the cost of rectifying any damage to the decoration. 

Do not put nails or hooks into walls without written consent. 
Should you be given consent, you need to ensure any holes are made good prior to the termination of the tenancy. If this is not done, you will be charged for any making good, and the cost will be deducted from your deposit. 

If you experience any problems with heat or smoke detectors, you must contact the Residence Manager. It is very important that you do not tamper with this alarm as it may activate the sprinkler system. Any damage caused by false activation of this system will need to be covered by yourself.

You must clean the property carefully throughout the tenancy. Your Residence Manager will be able to advise you on how to arrange domestic cleaning through the 12 Sherwood Residents app. You must also professionally clean the property at the end of your tenancy and again, your Residence Manager can assist you with this. Even if you wish to employ your own cleaner, please contact your Residence Manager to ask for advice on products that should or shouldn’t be used on surfaces throughout the property, including the wooden floor. Please be aware, any damage caused to surfaces in the flat will be claimable from you. 

You must use the systems within the apartments carefully and in line with the user manuals. You will be provided with all relevant user manuals and should familiarize yourself with them before attempting to use the services to avoid damage or system failures. Please also ensure all user manuals are left in the property at the end of your tenancy. 

You must adequately heat and cool the apartments to avoid condensation build up or frozen pipes. It is your responsibility to ensure that an adequate temperature is maintained at all times in the property. If you will be absent from the property during the winter, please leave the heating set at a low temperature and let the Residence Manager know you will be away so that the apartment can be checked in your absence. 

You must carefully look after your flat keys and building fobs. Your Residence Manager will hold a management set of keys on site and as such, should you lose your keys or lock yourself out, they will be able to allow you access to the apartment. However, if your Property Manager or a locksmith is called out to enable you to gain entry to the property, a charge will be made of the call out. If it is necessary to change locks because you have lost your keys it is your responsibility to pay these costs. If at any time you arrange for the locks to be changed you must provide your Property Manager with a complete set of the new keys immediately, however, please note this should not be done without the prior permission in writing from the Property Manager. 

All animals and pets, except guide dogs, are strictly prohibited at the building. This includes those visiting with any guests you may have.